Make zero opacity items off screen keep gap between artboards (that exists when opacity is > 0)

Principle Version: 5.10
macOS Version: 10.15.2
Sketch Version: 62
Description of what you need help with:

-I am making a card fly off the page to the left.
-I copy card items, paste in next artboard.
-as I move them over the left edge of the artboard, Principle auto spaces between “new” artboard and “previous” artboard, leaving a nice gap to accommodate card items off page.
-Once I set opacity to zero for the card, Principle takes away the gap between artboards, leaving it to overlap the screen to the left, which makes things quite confusing for me at times.

-PROBLEM: I come back and can get lost where the card is because it is hidden and overlapping elements in the artboard adjacent to it. If the space were still there I would be able to see that as a clue to where the zero opacity items are held. (–gets complicated when I sometimes realize later on im going to need to make more in-between screens than what I originally conceived.)

QUESTION: is there any way to force the spacing even if items are zero opacity? Ive found a dumb workaround where if I make the opacity “.00000001%” then it keeps the spacing, and in the opacity value field it tells me in the opacity text box its “0%” even though I know its actually “.00000001%” --This seems like a silly solution, is there a better way?

All help greatly appreciated!

Screenshots/Sketch File/Principle file:

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I want this too. Def needed.

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