Locking Layers in Layers Panel or on screen

macOS Version: 13.1
Principle Version: 6.3

Is there a way to LOCK LAYERS?

When working with screens and elements there are so many overlapping elements in each Artboard. I want to select a “Component” but other items are on top of this item and I can’t get into the Component. Even with the item selected thought he Selection Lister…I try to ‘double click’ to get into the Component, but I am unable…I am sure there’s a better way, I just haven’t figured it out. thx

Yes, from the documentation:

Layers can be locked by going to the Arrange menu and selecting “Lock Layer”. Locked layers cannot be selected in the canvas. If a layer is locked, A lock icon will be shown in the layer list. Click the lock icon to unlock the layer. Hovering over a locked layer will show a lock icon next to the cursor to let you know that clicking may not select the layer you expect. If you want to select a locked layer in the canvas, you can right click the layer and use the “Select Layer” menu to select it.

Additionally, another way to enter a selected component besides double clicking is to click the “Edit Original” button in the property inspector on the left side of the window.

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