Locking a position through drivers

I’ve created a prototype with a sheet that sits over top of my main UI, with the standard iOS black opacity layer in the background. Scrolling down on this sheet reduces the opacity of the background (mimicking iOS) behavior), scrolling up causes a header to slide down into view. My problem is that once this header has come into view I want to lock it into place so that, once visible, it no longer scrolls back out of view as I reverse my scroll direction.

Is it possible to create a message after the header slides into view so that it ignores any other keyframing and just stays in place? Thanks!

Hi Josnore, there’s a way to do that if I understood what you are trying to achieve.

The way to do this, would required to ‘fake’ it a little bit, you can do this by using the ‘ScrollEnds or ScrollRelease’ trigger events, and use them to change to another artboard/screen that has that header in a fixed positioning.

If you share some screenshots or your working file I might be able to look into it.

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