Little Antialiasing glitchs

In 6.29.5
I’ve just noticed this little Antialiasing glitchs for some rounded elements never seen before, probably due to compression or the color contrast???
i’m working on a 1600x900 file imported from Sketch and “in principle looks good”
the pourple background is a video (not a static image) and is clipped in a principle group…

if exporting on mp4 at 100% glitch are visible
if exporting at 200% is a bit better but not perfect
if export at prores is better but the created file is heavy as a Whale.

see attached file for istance

this is mp4 at 100%

this is mp4 at 200%

pro res
this is Prores and still the corner is quite segmented

Thanks for reporting. It’s caused by the clipping. I’ll start working on a fix.

As a workaround you can turn off the clipping and instead round the corners of the video’s layer.

Yeah but the problem is also on the logo not only on the corner, that’s why i thought was a color contrast or compression issue because the antialias problem comes on every “pink/fucsia” element of this project, as you can see on white elements there’s no problems, and if i look very closeup on the video output you can perceive also some little movements (matter of pixels) on those glitched elements. Anyway thanks to investigate and keep pushing!!

I believe the compression artifacts on the logo are to be expected for mp4. I need you to send a file containing those layers to know for sure though.

If you want pixel perfect video, use prores (without clipping until the bug is fixed :slight_smile: ).