Link from Dropbox not working in Mirror App

Principle Version: 5.14
macOS Version: 10.15.7
Sketch Version:
Description of what you need help with: I add the .prd to Dropbox and share the link with participants on to get keep back. The customers download the Principle Mirror App, then I direct them to the dropbox link to download. Once the file is downloaded they then try to “Open in Principle” which opens the Mirror app but does not load the prototype.

When I try the link it does not work for me either. I’ve tried Google Drive as well…no dice.

Screenshots/Sketch File/Principle file: (if applicable)

Doesn’t work for me either when I try to disseminate a link to a .prd via box. The prd downloads, but can’t open with Principle Mirror. Can’t even open with Principle Mirror from the Files app.

The Principle beta has share to web, this is a much easier way to share with others - I recommend you check it out: