Layer position issues when importing from Figma


I’m having issues that the layer position is scattered in principle when importing files from Figma
I tried to search if someone have similar issues yet can’t find the resource to self-service : (
Please let me know if there’s any tricks to fix it, thank you!


  • Principle Version: Both 5 & 6.3
  • macOS Version: 11.2.1
  • Figma Version: 95.8

Attached Screenshots:

Thanks for reporting this - could you share a link to a figma file that has this problem, so I can get to work on a fix? Doesn’t have to be that file, you could even make a little file with one or two layers that has the problem.

Thanks for reply Daniel!

Attached the file here

Feel free to reach me anything need me to provide, thank you!

@lynn I need the figma file, not the .prd, in order to figure out the problem.