Launch component animation through drivers timeline


I’m trying to:
Simulate OnView FadeIn with Components while scrolling inside the page.

But I can’t because, all the solutions i know are :
1.Animate alpha with the drivers,
it creates an animation but it depends on my manual scrolling speed.
2.Use scroll behaviors (which are not accurate since it depends on where i stop and i can only do it with one block not many)
3.Fake it with a hover on the component block that i want to animate, but it doesn’t work as long as the scroll is still active, thus defeating the purpose.



I’m struggling with the same thing :disappointed:
We really need this feature! @Daniel



I agree with that.

Sometimes, I remember things were much more straightforward using Flash’s timeline and Action keyframes back then. But, let’s not talk too much about Flash. :slight_smile: