Laggy performance after update

Am I the only experiencing really laggy performance after updating to 6.28 (6033)?
I can get around it by scaling down the preview window. but that makes it really hard to see the animations clearly

Does the laggy file use videos and/or shadows? I’m looking into a performance regression today related to both of those.

If you’d like to help out and ensure I fix your specific issue, you could email both

  1. the laggy file and
  2. a screenshot of your “about this mac” window


I’m experiencing a similar issue. No shadows or videos in my file, but as Jens said, there’s fortunately no lag when I scale down my preview window. :slight_smile:

@tylerbeauchamp Try this version out and see if it feels better for you:

Shadows with a large radius are still slow, but we’re working on it now.

This is working better now; thanks Daniel!

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6.29 is now available

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