Keyframes move around when shifting multiple ones

  1. macOS Version: 13.2

  2. Principle Version (check for updates first!): 6.19

  3. Description of what you need help with:
    When moving multiple keyframes around, their position gets messed up.

  4. Steps to reproduce the behavior:
    For example, I have keyframes that are positioned 0.07s a part. When I decide to shift them all to the right, in order to add a new keyframe to the beginning, all of the keyframes get moved around while shifting them. Thanks in advance for the help…

  5. Links to your Figma .fig file, Sketch file, and .prd file (Most problems can’t be fixed without these):

  6. Screenshots:

This is what I see when I drag multiple keyframes in 6.19. Could you post a video of what you’re seeing?

Hi Daniel,

Thats what I was seeing : Screen Recording 2023-02-09 at 13.19.14

But I just found out that I had an app activated that disable mouse acceleration which messed up the dragging in principle.

Thanks anyway for your respond.

Have a good one,


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