Key Events (with keyboard or remote control)

Hey! Is there a way or any plans for introduction of key-board-events (or event remote control) for principle?

I am designing for big screen (E.g. Smart TV) and really need a way to map events to a real remote or at least keyboard.

(Emulating a fake remote on the screen does not work as the mental model of a remote in your hand is very different from a touch device or something that is used with a mouse.)


Not on Principle I’m afraid.

I did something like this many years ago, we were using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) for the prototype and we did a small script to send key strokes to a usb IR received in the laptop hidden behind the TV that was connected to it via HDMI, it worked flawlessly and people didn’t even realise it was a prototype, but it was not trivial solution, and we were using WPF as it allows all sorts of complex interactions including key strokes.

@Daniel introducing key-events will make the whole industry around big screen apps (its a large one) very very happy as there is really no solution out there yet - an absolute usp :wink: