Issues with exporting large prototypes

  1. macOS Version: 12.0.1

  2. Principle Version (check for updates first!): 6.19 (6.20)

  3. Description of what you need help with:
    I’m having troubles with exporting a large prototype. We’re talking a full clickable website prototype and the total size is upwards of 500mb since there’s a fair bit of video and large images. Reducing the size is not really an option besides slight optimisation.

When I try to export to web it simply doesn’t load. I’ve been trying for hours to figure out if there’s a specific element of page that causes any issues but haven’t been able to identify anything, at some point when adding back pages it simple doesn’t work.

Is there a max limit or anything that might be causing this issue? Unfortunately i cannot share a file because of confidentiality. It works just fine in Principle itself and when exporting to mac app.

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Reading over your post, its not clear when the failure is happening - is it showing you an error when you try to share to web? Is it freezing somewhere? Does it share to web but then viewing it in the browser never loads?

Yup, never loads when i open the exported html file. Tried Safari/Chrome/Firefox. Seems to be happening when the file is over 350mb.

that’s not surprising - browsers typically choke on html files that large.

Do you have video(s) in the document? I recommend substituting them with shorter versions to reduce file size.

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