Issues with Artboard and Scrolling

So I’m currently trying to make a mockup of a mobile website where I have to scroll through several pages of content. I’m having a number of issues:

  1. I can’t seem to see the content outside of my artboard.

Here is how it looks as it should for iPhone X sizing:


Here is how much content actually exists in that artboard:

  1. I’ve tried to make my page scroll, but for some reason even when I group all my content together my scroll somehow stops in the middle and my content just won’t move. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with having an overlay of scrolls, because I’m trying to have a horizontal scroll further down the page as well.

  2. My preview doesn’t seem to match with what my Drivers are showing me.

Here are my files and the videos outlining the problem. Would super appreciate any help!

I cannot access your files, mind sharing them publicly?