Is the "Export interactive page" actually host-able in this single html page?

Have you searched the Docs and Knowledge base?
Principle Version: 6.9
macOS Version: 10.15.7
Description of what you need help with:

In the release highlights for 6.X, it says “Export interactive page - get a standalone HTML file of your design for hosting on your own server or sending to others.”

In other prototyping tools that export to web, a full file structure is exported (img, css, index.html, etc), such that it can be hosted on a server. Is this single html file actually able to be uploaded to a server and hosted? How does it know where to pull the images from? I’m not super knowledgable about hosting, but is this exported interactive page actually meant to be uploaded to a server of my own? Or is it just meant to be opened locally, such that I can pull it up on my personal machine?

Thanks in advance.

.prd file link (we really need this to fix almost any problem):

Yep it’s host-able. The images are embedded. Try it!

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I’ll be damned! Thanks

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