Is it possible to do a message event for a single transition between component artboards without creating the same message from ALL artboards?

Let’s say I have 3 artboards in a component. Every time one receives the message “ADD” it goes to the right artboard. and every time it receives the message “SUBTRACT” it goes to the left. If I make an event from one artboard to the next, it automatically creates “Message 1” from all artboards to that one. The only work around is to make three separate events for each of them and then rename them afterwards and then delete the unused message events. I haven’t come across a situation yet where this auto behavior is beneficial. You can imagine if you have many states to maintain, how tedious this becomes – having to delete dozens of message events for each one you actually want. Perhaps I’m doing it wrong but I have found some really cool ways to introduce some faux-logic into my prototypes using this method.