Irregular polygonal shapes?

I’m trying to:
Present a workflow wherein a user clicks anywhere within an irregular region to “select” it. Think of a geographical map where the target isn’t easily described by regular geometry.

But I can’t because:
Principle offers only basic geometric shapes, none of which matches the target region I’m presenting. Also, grouping multiple positioned shapes that approximate an irregular shape results in a single target that’s a bounding square, defeating the purpose.

What I’d love to see:

  1. Principle could import shapes/SVGs as symbols to be used for targetable regions.
  2. Principle could offer more default shapes of its own (N-gons, arbitrary shapes, etc.).
  3. Principle could allow for more flexible shape deformation and handle editing.

I only criticize because I love. Great tool!

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(I should have said that I’m also a fairly new user, so if I’m missing an obvious solution, do enlighten me!)

Hi @scamper!

This…can be done, but I warn you it might be a be nightmarish depending on the complexity of your shapes, it might require time but in theory can be done.

You can take advantage of the “clip sublayers” option in folders.

So basically, every shape should be clipped using one or many nested folders and clipping its content, manage to show the bit of shape that you are interested in.

Folders won’t trigger Hover interactions for stuff that is being ‘clipped’ so you could achieve the result.

See this simple example, I’ve used rectangles as a base shape and then containing such shapes in folders with the clipping option marked.

I can imagine trying to do this on a complex design/map could be a bit of a pain, but doable with patience. Hope we get shape support sometime soon!

I’ve attached the .prd so you can check it out.

@shonen, wow, that’s a really clever workaround! Thanks for taking the time to explain that, and to put an example together. This may be useful!

But yeah, I do hope to see broader freeform shape support in the future.

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