Improvements request

Hi, I love Principle but nowadays I use it rarely because it’s not very user friendly and because of that, tasks take ages.

Would love the option to reorder drivers and animate properties. When dealing with edits from clients it’s so hard to action them because if you need to add/delete extra events you can’t order them properly and you waste hours trying to make sense of it.

Also when choosing the option “Choose media” to replace an asset (so as to keep the drivers properties) the new asset gets stretched to fit the size of the previous asset. A great improvement would be to just replace it whatever the new size without distorssion.

Rounding corners of images would also be great…rather than having to place in a folder to clip it into.
Line height option would be great.

Glitches with assets sometimes as they just don’t display anymore - not sure why that happens.
Glitches when exporting for web - random cut lines around pngs.

And finally the 60mb limit when exporting has been tough to get around.


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