Importing frames from sections fail

I’m trying to:
I want to import frames that are inside a section

But I can’t because:
When ever i try, the import fails. It says that it needs a frame to import, even though i have selected a frame. it just sits within a section.

This impacts:
It can be fixed, you just need to drag the frame outside the section. but this messes up the workflow. In my particular case i use section to organise my layouts.

I’m not sure what a frame inside a section is. Could you post pictures? could you post a design file?

Sections are a way of grouping frames, so you dont have a mile long page sidebar.
Whenever I try to import a frame that is inside a section, Principle gives an error.

The only way to get around this is by dragging the frame outside the section and then import. Nothing earth shattering, it’s just annoying :slight_smile:

I attached a screenshot of the error message and error log.

Error log

Error message

There is also this weird bug where the import fails if you cmd+tab away from the principle window while it imports.