I need to simulate a real native app

Principle Version: 6.11
macOS Version: 11.6
Description of what you need help with:

Hello,Now I need to simulate a real native app and operate it on my mobile phone. I hope that the principle can display the original status bar of the mobile phone, so that no one will think this is a demo program; then I also need the principle to export HTML or export to my mobile phone desktop, I can customize the program icon and name, this way, This is a real app. I would think this is great, can you do it?

There a couple things you can do for what you want:

  1. Go to File->export->Local HTML File and customize that file however you wish.
  2. Share the prototype type to the web and add the webpage to your phone home screen
  3. Take a screenshot of your phone, and crop the status bar then put that status bar in your prototype.