I cannot get Paged Scrolling to work

Principle Version: 3.99
macOS Version: 10.14.4

I’m really liking Principle so far, and want to use it in my current project, however unfortunately, I can’t get a key interaction to work:

  1. I’ve followed the Paged Scrolling tutorial a few times, and previewed on multiple devices
  2. No matter what happens, I always snap back to the original screen on release (mouse and touchscreen) rather than the screen in frame

Do you know of anything that might be causing this?

Please post the file so we can see what you’ve made and see if there is anything wrong with it

Hi, file is here: https://we.tl/t-2ehi6MYI5A – thanks for looking at it

So in your example, the group containing the pages is wider than the viewport width, and each of the pages is a bit smaller (horizontally) than the viewport width too.


  • Group 2 > change its width to 375
  • your meals > same
  • your workouts > same
  • your week > same

Each page should be as big (width) as the viewport width, and the group containing them, same with any other type of scroll group, must be as big as the viewport too, otherwise it will not perform the scroll.

Hope this helps!

That works perfectly, I’d missed the step of resizing the group itself (which now that I rewatch, is clearly mentioned in the tutorial…) I think I was carrying over assumptions from other apps that a “group” size was the total dimensions of it’s contents. thanks for your time!

No worries! Glad you got it.

Just to point out, when I mentioned the size should be same as the viewport, this is only because you want your cards to take all viewport width, in other situations you may want the page control to have another size, and that’s fine too. You just need to match the page width to the page scroll group width.


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