How to share prototype


Is there no way to share a prototype via a web browser? To send to clients for viewing only?


This section in the documentation covers the ways you can share a design:

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately there isn’t enough ways to share to multiple different users, there is no way I’d be able to build and then share the prototype with them, across different devices. There needs to be an app for previewing prototypes, inviting users to test via an email or link and also within a web browser.

Also a quick question - so I know where we stand with Principle…

  1. What is your development roadmap like?
  2. Is there anywhere we can review the features that are coming to Principle?
  3. Is there anywhere we can submit requests for features?

Unfortunately until I have a better way to share prototypes I can’t use Principle and this makes me very sad :cry:

Thanks for your help though and for answering my questions, its much appreciated and as soon as such feature is introduced, I’ll be coming straight back


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