How to set up best a (Figma connected) project?

Principle Version: 5.9
macOS Version: 10.14.5
Sketch Version: Figma
Description of what you need help with:
I’m testing out the Figma-Principle connection and stumpling with the best set up (testing for a bigger project). So I have some question what is the best workflow to benefit from this connection (and some general component question)

I’ve this design to test. What would be the best set-up
A - Create all frames/artboards in Figma

  • I make all different states in Figma.
  • Import everything
  • If i make a menu-component I have to remove those form artboard 2 and 3. And replace it with the component (and if I do a re-import) do that over again.

B One frame to rule them all

  • Put everything on one artboard in Figma.
  • Create different components in one artboard

I guess bases on the example-files form the Medium article A is the way to go, but I’m in doubt now.

(it’s really hot in Amsterdam, so I hope that part of my not-getting-it. Feeling a rookie again)


Tried to put everything is one artboard with component and messages.
I can control by the buttons the panels now. But I want to use the same message/value to control the graph-component, but it will be replaced. Any suggestion how i can fix this?

Back to basics. I made an example without components and just multiple artboards.

and with a menubar component

And it works well

But… to keep the file organised and/or updated by Figma gives troubles.
If I import again, i get a new menubar(changed text) and a new graph(changed colour) on top of the others on the last frame, which became suddenly the first.

I wander how you guys would solve this.
(thanks already if you came reading this far)

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Maarten, thanks for your post! I’ve been trying to evaluate the possibilities here as well. I’m curious, have you have decided to use Principle components at all when coming from Figma? Components, to me, are the key to efficiency and a lively feeling prototype in Principle, but based on my tests (and your post) it seems like there isn’t any way to “componentize” rich interactions between the two. Maybe that’s the breaking point to jump into code.