How to animate screen to screen transitions? Why is this not a dropdown of options?

I have an app of screens and they are all linked. But they just blink from pone to the next.

No sure how to creat a simple in from left or right? Why is there no dropdown of options.

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I have looked through all of the videos I can find and do not see any tutorials for creating a simple in from left screen to screen transition.

The way Principle works, basically, is detecting layers using same names between 2 screens and doing automatic transitions.

If your transition makes some elements ‘pop’ that means some layers that have appeared on the second screen didn’t exist on the first one, or they have different layer names.

If you want to make a slide-in transition, you need to have that panel/element out of the screen in one side, and then move it inside the screen in the second one.

See how the green panel is outside of the first screen on one side? since in the second screen is inside the screen viewport, principle does the animation for you, but remember to keep same layers using SAME names in both screens to avoid undesired results.