How do I host .prd prototype for remote user research?

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I also need to do this, but not necessarily “host” the .prd. We need to get the .prd to test participants and I think I know how it can be done. This assumes it’s going to be mobile on the Principle Mirror app (as ours will be) and not desktop as if the latter, you could just export the Mac app (also Mac only).

So knowing the Principle Mirror app is iOS only, this process is for iOS and assumes that having the app installed produces the “Principle” folder in the “On My iPhone” folder.

This process would also be for the test participant.

• Download Principle Mirror app
• Receive email with .prd attached
• Tap attachment in email
• Tap share attachment top right
• Scroll panel that comes up and tap Save to Files
• Tap On My iPhone
• Tap Principle
• Tap Save top right
• Open Principle Mirror app and find that newly saved file on top.

If anyone knows more about this or knows other methods of getting a .prd to test participants, PLEASE comment and let us know!!!

No need to save to files, if they already have the mirror app installed, they can “Open in…” and select “Principle” from the app list.

I hope this helps.