Horizontal scrolling 'snapping' to one option

Principle Version: 5.8
macOS Version: Mojave 10.14.3
Sketch Version:

Hi everybody! I am quite new to Principle, and this might be a basic question but I could not find the answer in existing topic. That’s why I am asking it here.

I want to make a horizontal scrolling area, where icons will grow and change color if they are in the middle of the area. The problem I am having write now, is that it does not snap towards one of the options, but you have to be really precise with your scrolling movement to select your desired option. Can anybody help me with this?

Here is the link to my file. The question is about the upper left part of the screen.
Oven interface

Switch the scrolling behavior of the “component” folder to “page”

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Thank you for your quick response!
Do you know if there is an ability to make a carousel scrolling in principle?

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