Hide Browser UI for share to web

I’m trying to:
Share my prototype to a group of people for review on their phones.

But I can’t because:
I do know about share to web and that works great except for the fact that the phone browser UI can’t be turned off and therefore my prototype can’t be viewed full screen.

This impacts:
The experience is therefore not ideal as the prototype is too small on screen when I am trying to get a full UI simulation.

If they have iPhones, simply send them the .prd file (via whatsapp, slack, dropbox, airdrop, etc…) and they can (provided they have the Principle Mirror app installed) open the prototype natively.

When they tap in the downloaded file, they can ‘Open in…’ and Principle should show up there.

Hope this helps!


You actually can hide the browser UI with share to web. in safari, tap the share button, then tap add to home screen. you’ll get an icon added to your home screen that will launch your prototype fullscreen.

Alternatively, they can install the Principle iOS app from the app store and view the .prd file with that.

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