Help me create this 3D rotation effect - UI Animation Caixa de entrada

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About this video from UI Animation, how can I perform this 3D rotation effect of the magazines, I would like to interact with my fingers like the creator of the animation did. He used Principle for Mac. I tried the very basic 3D effect, but I can’t do more real-time interaction with my fingers in Principle for Mac. Could you help me, please?

Link video: πƒπ’π¦πžπ¬π­ on Instagram: "2Β°C Reading If you like, repost it for more people to see. πŸ˜„ #ui#ux#dimest#dribbble #behance"

I can only guess that they exported a video of the 3d effect from after effects, and then use a clear draggable layer in Principle to control the video’s current time using a driver - You may be better off asking the creator how they did it.

1 - How do I control a video using the Principle driver? Could you show me an example please that was similar to the link I sent?

2 - Taking advantage of how I can access the video options to pause the video among other options and not let it play automatically.

Thanks for the help Daniel!


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