Going Back (relative back button)

One of the reason that I use other prototyping tools is the possibility to go back to the previous screen. That means if you have two ways on getting to a place in principle you need to create two instances of the same artboard. How do you guys go around this issue? Thanks

This file shows how to do back buttons:

I’ve stripped down the prototype to basics but still I don’t get it how it works.

I’ve tried to replicate as:

Screen A: made a rectangle with at least 1% opacity
Screen B: Made another rectangle with a different name but same 1% opacity
Screen C: overlaid the two rectangles but this time they have a link and 0% opacity

Still does not work. Can you guys help me out?

You need to use frozen properties to carry over the back button’s opacity from the artboard you came from. The docs describe frozen properties: https://principleformac.com/docs.html#frozen-properties

Yes, I got it working in the end and it’s a reasonable good solution to go back. Thanks