Go between screens without animation

I’ve searched the forum and knowledge base.
Principle Version: 6.15
macOS Version: Catalina
Description of what you need help with: I’m creating a loading symbol with multiple artboards. On each artboard, a section of the loading symbol turns white going in a circle. I’ve applied an animation between each artboard and every item has the same name.
This is a two part problem -

  1. Some of the animations move the icon in/out. I’d like the icon to be still but go through the phases showing the white piece moving around to indicate loading. Another suggestion I saw said to take the time down to 0 seconds. I’d like for each artboard to show for a fraction of a second but still long enough to be visible. When moving the time down, it rapidly goes through each artboard vs slowly.

  2. Some of the animations have no settings at all. It just shows “Properties are identical. Please change name to animate.” This doesn’t make sense to me because all of the properties are named the same. Some animate and some don’t. I’ve also tried changing the name and recreating the board from scratch. It still doesn’t work.

Note: the interaction I’m looking for is the same as between artboard 3 and artboard 4.

.prd file link : I don’t see documentation on how to get this. Happy to provide it.

I think I understand your issue.
I would add an invisible element to each art board (let’s say a square at 0 opacity). Move it to a different spot on each artboard. This will create an animation property for that object that u can use for the timing between each artboard transitions. Then set the animations of your white elements to 0 (1 sigle frame).
That should do it. Hope this helps.

To solve for the unwanted animation for the icon in/out try changing the name of the icon in each art board. ie: EverBright-icon_1, EverBright-icon_2. That should remove those animations. Then like the other person suggested you add an invisible layer that follows the white part of the icon and change opacity on that.