Gesture Signature Ani + Action

Looking to recreate an action once a “gesture” has been performed. Similar to the HotelTonight app that requires you to fill in the “H” for confirmation.

Any ideas on how best to do this?

My first thought is: ‘why do you like to make your users suffer?’

It doesn’t look comfortable to do, some apps use a slider which at least is a straig line to trace, but this looks over complicated, as a user I wouldn’t like it.

Said this, if you still want to make them hate you you can do this using a mask and using a layer underneath (purple) with a drag effect to fill the shape.

I’m assuming they wouldn’t be able to do this in one single gesture, so maybe use the first vertical down to move an underneath layer that fills up that vertical line, and on drag/scroll end trigger, you can positionate the horizontal swipe, then do the same for the last vertical bit.

I would reconsider using a simple checkbox, maybe a very nice designed one, but a checkbox would do perfect, this seems a bit overkilling (and not in a good way).

thanks Shonen.

Agreed it’s more cumbersome than a simple tap, but for this instance the client wants to actually build a little friction / “are you REALLY sure you want to do this” type of thing.

The HotelTonight example is a good one. It’s hard to say you didn’t mean to hit that BOOK A ROOM $$$ when you have to gesture twice on a path to confirm. 2¢.

thanks again!