Frames per second option is removed for exporting GIF

Have you searched the Docs and Knowledge base?
Principle Version: Version 6.4 (6006)
macOS Version: 11.2.3
Sketch Version:
Description of what you need help with:
Option to export GIF frames per second is grayed out
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. record animation
  2. Export as GIF
  3. Not able to change the FPS option anymoreScreen Shot 2021-04-15 at 11.21.44 AM

Screenshots/Sketch File/Principle file: (if applicable)

I tried uninstalling/re-installing, creating a new blank animation, and change the size settings, but the FPS option still grayed out

FPS was removed to make way for some performance improvements on the way. Gifs are always 60fps now, just like video and ProRes.

Thanks for the quick reply Daniel! Gotcha. Google Docs/slides only support gifs under 1000 frames. Not a deal breaker, just need to create shorter gifs. Thanks.

UI suggestion: remove the gray box where fps used to be

If google docs/slides supports video, I highly recommend using video instead - It’ll look way better and the file size will be way smaller than a gif.

The grey box is the color picker for selecting the padding color for the Dribble export preset. In 6.5 (just released) the color picker has its own label and is now only visible when the export requires a padding color.

Agree 100% looks better in vid format, but for my design reviews, I typically have a few prototypes side by side running, and videos require double clicking to play the prototype in Google Slides/Docs. Auto play only works in presentation mode and most reviewers don’t view it in that mode.

(edited. thought there was an issue with exporting, but it was a bandwidth issue)

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