Flip Animation & Anchor points

I’m trying to recreate the flip animation on Principle. I looked around on the help forums and repo/template sites but couldn’t find anything. Was wondering if anyone here has managed to get it working. It’ll also be good to know how layers can be grouped so the anchor points can be modified.

Principle doesn’t have 3D rotation at this time.

As for rotating around a location you specify:

  1. Group the layer(s) you want to rotate
  2. Make the group have a 0x0 size (optional step, makes it easier to visualize the rotation point)
  3. Position the layer(s) within the group so that the group is at the desired point of rotation
  4. rotate!
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Thanks very much for the reply Daniel!
I created that GIF from Keynote. Is there a way I can import/play the GIF upon a click/tap?

Principle doesn’t play GIFs for performance reasons. But if you can get a video file version, then you can drag the video into Principle.