Flattening workflow


I’m trying to:
Flatten some groups of layers before importing into Principle

But I can’t because:
I can, but ‘principle flatten’ is quite tiresome to type every time and it’s very prone to mistakes, can it be simplified like adding a # or * at the beginning or end of the layer/group?

This impacts:
If Principle had more support for layer types from Sketch, this wouldn’t be necessary, or if the components issue (components being broken down into groups) is addressed soon, but at the moment I find myself flattening lots of things and having to write 2 words like those gets tiring and sometimes I make mistakes because of typos.



Alternatively (and I add it here to avoid opening a new thread), the copy and paste function from Sketch to Principle could be improved.

When using copy and paste, it actually paste a flattened layer, but in way lower quality, is there a way to change it so it will be copied at @2x or something? That would save lots of time.

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Agree a single keystroke would be an improvement. I found leveraging the Rename it Sketch plugin to be a much quicker solution.

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I might have to include that plugin in my workflow too, thanks for the share!