Figma: no import text images with 0% opacity

Description of what you need help with:
I usually plan animation plot of UI components in Figma. In principle I just make transition. There isn’t this problem with Sketch, but with Figma… try behavior below.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create first artboard in figma and place black text «Hello, world!».
  2. Copy this artboard and place it to the right.
  3. On first artboard set opacity of text to 0%. Opacity on second artboard is 100%, don’t touch it.
  4. Select this artboards and import them in clear principle document.
  5. Try to make transition beetween them and see…
  6. …There isn’t text image on the first artboard!
  7. If you try to set opacity 100% to text on first artboard in Principle, text won’t be visible.

Screenshots/Sketch File/Principle file:

Help please! It’s very important for my work.

This is fixed in Principle 6

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