Feature request: "Autonomous Drivers" ;)

Drivers are my jam. Love em.
But they take for-ev-er.

How Might We… make it faster & easier?
Make it a “mode” when the driver panel is open, and automatically populate the dots & lines based on the changes I make in the canvas.

Example: Scrub the timeline over a bit, change the scale, position, and opacity of something. Bam. Three rows & triangles instantly appear. Scrub over a bit more, change the same 3 properties… Bam. 3 more triangles with lines connecting the previous ones.

Much time & cognitive effort saved. If i need to change something in a persistent way, I can just close the driver panel.

Who’s with me!?

After you create a driver row, it already automatically inserts keyframes when you change any property that driver controls

Impressive response time, Daniel. Thank you!
How did I not know this? I guess since I have to start manually, I’d never expect it. I’ll start using this!

Wdyt, why not go all the way, as described?

Let’s call it “Level 5” autonomy :smiley:

well if it did work that way - If you have 5 things that are potential drivers, say “layer 4 X”, “layer 2 scroll Y”, etc, and you change “layer Bla”'s Y value, which driver does it create?
“layer 4 X → layer Bla Y”?
“layer 2 scroll Y → layer Bla Y”?
“etc → layer Bla Y”?

so that why you have to create the driver so Principle knows what should control what.
and as far as doing different things depending on the state of the UI. That’s a modal interface and is considered bad/confusing design. Check out “don’t mode me in” and Larry Tesler for more.

I figure you’d know based on selection in the layer panel. If the multi-timeline ability is an issue, maybe you could only populate based on the active (last used) timeline. Can something even exist in multiple? I’m sure I could be missing something, but seems worth consideration.

Had to look up Tessler. Thx for intro. However, I’m not buying it. Modes are commonplace, including the OS’ considered to be modeless.

  • Selection
  • Incognito
  • Edit / View only
  • Rearrange
  • Offline
  • Fullscreen / Presentation
  • Etc

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