Exporting video with audio – any tips?

Hello there,

I am creating a prototype that has audio feedback as the user interacts with the interface, and I need to present the idea to my team, but when I export the video, the audio doesn’t come along.

I was wondering if you guys were planning on supporting that in the near future.

Does anybody here have a workaround to export prototype videos with audio directly from Principle? What I’ve done in the past is to sync the audio file with the video afterwards but it’s kind of annoying having to redo the work on another video editor app.

I am using Principle version 5.9
macOS Version: Catalina

Thanks in advance!

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I want this feature as well.

I actually followed this guy’s video to set up Soundflower which enables capturing the internal/direct audio while using the screencast feature in QuickTime.

One thing though, while this absolutely worked, I disabled the Internal mic option he has enabled because I found that when recording the screencast of the Principle preview, it was grabbing both the internal audio and the mic audio. So disabling that was ideal.

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Thanks for the tip, Phipps!

Good to have a fall-back option, but would be great to have this functionality by default in the export settings !

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