Exporting to HTML: video highly compresses and stutter in playback

Hi there,
I’m currently working on a project where I used multiple videos, which are paused on mouse-out and played when hovered.
In the app it works fine, but when exported to HTML the video is highly compressed and there is a stutter-bug.
Is there some way to work around this?

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Link to the PRD and HTML file:

Hey Oliver, Thanks for mentioning this. We’re looking into the stutter. As for the compression - I picked a bit rate for videos in HTML exports to ensure that file size would be reasonable - I’ll look into raising it, or giving folks the option to change the quality of videos for local HTML export.

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Thanks Daniel,
That sounds great! Looking forward to see the changes implemented.

I increased the bitrate by 60% and we’ve fixed the stutter. Fix should go out later this week.

That was quick. Thanks Daniel!

The stutter is fixed for share to web, stutter in “Export to HTML” fix will go out next week.

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