Exporting Issues, Web too large, Standalone still possible?

I’m using the latest version of Principle. In the past I always exported IOS Standalone App to share with clients. Does anyone know if that option is still available?

I’ve been trying to export to web, and my file is too large for this.

Also with the HTML option, the top and bottom page limits I set no longer apply, so the page scrolls right to the top and bottom, showing parts of images that were previously hidden.

Most important issue is the export though.

You can still plug in your phone with Principle Mirror for iOS running and your design will run there.

We have never exported an iOS app - but we used to export a standalone mac app. Export to HTML replaces the standalone mac app because Apple has tightened the security measures around apps too much for us to still be able to do this.

If you send me the prd file I can fix the HTML page so that the scrolling works as expected. please send it to support@principleformac.com. It’d be great if you could delete all artboard except for the one with the scrolling issue.

We really relied on standalone for a project with a deadline next week. Is there a way to roll back to an older version? I can’t find older versions on the website.

Export to HTML replaces the standalone mac app. You can use that in the exact way you used the standalone app, it is even better because it won’t run into security issues with macOS.

There is not a way to roll back. If you are experiencing problems with Export to HTML please let me know asap and I’ll get to work on a fix.

The HTML exports aren’t very performant, especially when driving video playback with scroll etc, which is the primary reason we use Principle over other prototyping software.

I was lucky enough to have an old version of Principle in my downloads directory and was able to produce the asset.

@maximillian I’m actually in the process of doing other performance work this week and have already got it running 5x faster (Haven’t yet released these improvements).

If you could send me a .prd with performance issues I’ll double check that my recent work fixes it, or do the work necessary to fix it. The export mac app will not work for much longer - so I’d love to fix the performance stuff for you before you get blocked out of the old version workflow. send the prd to support@principleformac.com

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