Export timeline for Software developers

Hi, I’m a developer and the designers at my job are using Principle, they share sometime their prototypes as video files, but when the animations are complex, it’s a lot of work to have something that work to match the designer vision. It would be awesome to have the feature to export the timeline with start time, end time and duration in seconds and/or milliseconds, the interpolation curves / functions for every animations for an object to help us do a better job.
Maybe there is already a plugin for that… wha is the usual process to share your work with the dev team?
Thank you
PS : probably this post should be in Feedback and Request, but I need to be trusted to post there

Your best chance is to get the project files and open them on Principle yourself, you can see all the animations and transition values. Alternatively ask your designers to screenshot and define animations for you, but probably is more time consuming than just checking them directly on the file.

There’s no plugins for Principle.