Export of my preview (gif/video/prores) looks different than the actual preview

  1. macOS Version: 11.4
  2. Principle Version (check for updates first!): 6.33

I’m creating an animation and everything looks fine in the preview and editor mode. When I record the preview to export the file, the result is scattered and there is one component missing. I need to create a gif, but I also tried to export with mp4 and pro res and the problem still persists.

I unfortunately can’t upload samples of the animation since videos are not supported here. But attached a frame where there is a component missing in the video exported.

(there should be one block on the left of the 5th line)

Could you upload (or post dropbox/google drive link) a .prd containing a single artboard of the screen that has the issues when exporting a recording? Once we have that it should be a quick fix

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