Editing trigger event and artboard destination

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Principle Version: Version 4.7
macOS Version: 10.11.6
Sketch Version:
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I have selected the trigger even and destination artboard the usual way (clicking/selecting a trigger and then dragging arrowhead to desired destination)

However is there a way to edit this selection? I want to change ‘touch down’ to ‘touch up’ trigger and the only way i find to do this is to delete arrow altogether and start again (thereby losing all the animation within it)
whilst there is a contextual menu, i have used it but it ignores the artboard i click after. Maybe this is not so intuitive to use or maybe i’m missing something?

Please let me know

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I’m pretty sure Principle ‘remembers’ the animation you just removed, so when you change the trigger, it will carry the same animation values, just tested it in the latest version. So your animation shouldn’t be lost if you change the trigger.

Hope this helps.

Shonen is right. the animations are stored in the destination artboard, so deleting and recreating an event keeps your animations.

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