Dublicating components

Hallo everybody, there is a way to duplicate a component to send different events to parent? In my experience when i duplicate a component is not actually a new component that looks the same of the original but is the same one with the same action inside, so is just a clone of the first one, and not a virgin copy. So i was wondering if is possible to duplicate via copy. I hope I was clear :sweat_smile:

Just have the component send all the events you need and the in the parent, you only need to “listen” to the messages you’re interested for a given instance.

So a component may send a message to the parent, but the parent doesn’t have to have an event on its end that listens for the message.

watch the video


Ok now after your explanation i made what i wanted with only one component! (before i used to rebuild the same component from scratch for every artboard i neaded) thank you, Cool! But i i still have some clouds in my mind and think that a complete tutorial of the possibilities that can be spread with “messages” is really appreciate. Thanks again :slight_smile:

The video doesn’t seem to load.

I fixed the video link in my previous post