Drivers works as triggered animations


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Principle Version:5.9
macOS Version:10.13.6
Sketch Version:
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Recently I´m finding an issue that I remember not to happen in previous versions, but not sure.

I have an scroll in wich elements fade as they are out of the view. This is made with drivers and works fine.

Then I want that when onTap on a certain element of the scroll, it scrolls at a certain position. I made this mapping the onTap event to another copy of the page with the scroll in the drivers panel set in the desired position. That also work nice.

Well, the problem is that the fading animations of the elements within the scroll are not affected by the driver but by the animate timeline. Even though if I scroll manually, the driver works as expected.

Has something changed in the way the drivers work? or I´m just missing something?


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