Drivers animation on component bug

Mac OS 12.2.1
Principle 6.29.2

Hi, this behaviour is somehow present from 6.19 with slight variation.

If I have component with some interaction inside - button with hover state, and i need to animate it (fade in, opacity…) with drivers timeline, it creates some weird anomalies, blinking animation or parts of the component, component looks broken…

What is going on?

I cannot share a file due NDA

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 11.15.45

can you copy just that layer and paste it into a new artboard and send that to me?

you can delete / rename / change as much as you want to make it not resemble the NDA file. I really need a file in order to figure out what the issue might be - otherwise it’s sort of like asking a mechanic to repair your car, but they’re not allowed to open the hood :slight_smile:

Here you go
Demo using 6.29.4



@martinssonsk Fixed it in 6.29.5! Thank you for reporting!

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Amazing job, and so quick! Thank you Daniel.

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