"Drag end" works with mouse interaction but not with touch

Hi there.
When I interact with the preview on my Mac, the “drag end” action works as expected but the preview on my iPhone just does not respect the call.

I’m including the WIP PRD project.

Steps: Drag and hold the yellow card to the map. Drag it back down to the bottom red area (to cancel the move and drop the card back to the tray). That move should bring the tray up and on card release should reset to the first Artboard. That behavior works fine on the Mac but does not reset to the first Artboard with touch interaction. No reset to Artboard 1.

I tried “Touch End” as well with no luck.
card test.prd (3.7 MB)

Thanks in advance for the help.

Anyone? Still an issue and would love some help. Thanks!

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