CRITICAL - Issues with sharing .prd files

***** CRITICAL *****

Mac OS version 10.14.6
Principle version 3.11 (402)

I created 3 projects and wanted to use them in
I uploaded the .prd files to One Drive and shared them.
Later I also shared the same files via WeTransfer.

I tested the links and files work on my device and launched the tests.
MANY users failed to run the files. Some did succeed.

Why is this happening? Device model? OS version? Irregular bugs?
This is a real blocker due to testing being a major reason to use the app in the first place.

Please contact back for more details.
Also, the instructions on your website MUST be precise, preferably with screenshots.

Note that I’ve been trying to resolve this with multiple agents in the past whole week.

***** CRITICAL *****

I’m speculating here since your description is a little vague about how exactly it’s failing to work… but I imagine you’re asking people to open the link and download the file in safari for iOS. Safari on iOS recently introduced a bug where sending a file to 3rd party apps doesn’t work. safari tells the Principle mirror app where to find the file, but there isn’t actually a file there.

as a workaround, you can share the file to or and then send it from there to Principle Mirror.

Thanks for the reply!
Indeed users opened the shared link in Safari. It works for some and doesn’t for others so the bug you’ve mentioned makes sense.
Did you ever report it to Apple or know if it’s on their mind at all?

Also, thanks for the workaround solution although it’s not the most ideal way with user testing…

Oh and you should probably add this problem and solution in your website’s HELP page (screenshots will be most helpful too)

@Daniel any update on this? It’s quite hard to ask a stakeholder to download chrome or open this file through notes app. Thank you!

Same here. I’ve shared the .prd with Dropbox (added ?dl=1) and opened in Safari. Safari shows only a box, but it’s not possible to open it in the Principle App (Principle is not in the list of possible apps). A workaround is to use Chrome, but as @thisisjp said, it’s very difficult/uncomfortable for stakeholders to open/view it. (And my stakeholders are “extreme-non-techies” :smiley:)