Counter - misalignment on video and mirror

Project: I have created a number counter interaction with a dragging object. The numbers are in the 10 thousands, so I needed to create each number with an individual mask to show different rates of change (ie. “thousands” move slower rate than “ones” position). In principle, all alignment works great during the preview.

Issue: As soon as I try to make a video or use the principle mirror, the alignment of my numbers gets wonky (the baseline keeps changing).

One possible simple fix is doing a quick time screen record but I can’t seem to find a way to remove the arrow or toggle preview cursor during the recording.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

the ios device likely doesn’t have the font you’re using, so it’s using a different font.

If you use the latest version of Principle, you can click record and after the recording is over, chose to export with the cursor hidden

Thank you so much for your response Daniel. That is an interesting point you make regarding the font, unfortunately, changing the font will more than likely force me to redo all of my timeline, so I need to find another fix if at all possible.

I am using the latest version of Principle, and I am aware of the feature of exporting with cursor hidden. The problem is that the same misalignment shows up on the recording on the mac as it does on the mirror. I was wondering if you think that the font would be the same issue on the Principle recording as it was on the iphone?

could you post a link to the file so I can see what you’re talking about?

Principle video - As you can see the baseline in all of the numbers changes when I create a video from Principle.
Screen Capture Video - Here is a screen capture of the interaction with QT, there are no baseline issues in the actual file.

Funny, I’m working in a very similar project, mine is about retirement pension calculator! :raised_hands:t2:

About your issue, I think you could manually add more keyframes to the driver timeline, basically, move the driver slider around and wherever you see that miss-alignment, add a new keyframe and adjust it manually, a bit troublesome but it might solve it without having to re-do anything.

As Daniel said, sharing the file (or part of it) will help us better to see how to solve the issue.

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@JodeeMC, sorry, I meant a link to a Principle file. I need to look into this in detail in order to determine what is happening.

Sure thing, @Daniel here is the file: [Principle file] Principle File - Take 2

@Daniel Were you able to get my file? Any solutions so far? Thanks again for your help.

Dropbox is not letting me view the file. Could you share a direct download link to it, or attach it here? It sounds like a bug, so once I get it I probably won’t have a solution for you immediately, it’ll have to be slated for a future update.

Try this one

got it. I’ve added it to the list.

I suspect you could avoid the problem by using a bitmap image of the numbers instead of a text layer. you can create a bitmap version by dragging the text layer from the layer list onto the canvas, but unfortunately that would require redoing your drivers.