Continuing touch events between artboards

Principle Version: 5.7 (5018)
macOS Version:10.14.4
Description of what you need help with:

I want touch events in a new artboard to continue where they left off in the previous one. For example, if a drag begins in the first artboard, I should be able to do a hover inside or a touch end on the next, without first releasing the mouse and clicking again.

The design I’m envisioning is: Swipe up to reveal options, without releasing finger, hover over options and release to select.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Please see the attached file.

Screenshots/Sketch File/Principle file:

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I second that. I’ve wasted a few hours of my time lately to discover it is not supported.

Strangely enough, Hover Inside is supported, only if you place it underneath the original clicked element in the second Artboard. It then transition immediately to target. All other Hover Inside targets are ignored.

Some triggers are supported across screens.

DragBegins / DragEnds
TouchBegins / TouchEnds

Are two examples that work across different screens, you can start a drag event in one screen to send to another, and in the following set a drag end event to go to another screen.

You can see it working on the example I posted here: Drag&Drop: How to simulate DragEnter event?

Hope it helps.