Components issue

Hi Daniel, again some strange “components behavior”, a black stripe appear on the component area on 6.29.6

you can download the .prd file here

it’s just text that scrolls horizontally I’ve found that the problem can be worked around by converting the text in to outlines from sketch…

looks like the issue is caused by using an image larger than the maximum texture size your computer supports - the Ticker 2 layer has an image that is 32386 pixels wide. I’ll look into breaking up large images into smaller images. In the meantime you can use Principle 6.19 or break your images up into smaller bits.

Thanks Daniel, sorry this time is my fault, I was aware that the image was long (actually not that long) and for sure I didn’t needed all, but I didn’t think it could cause any problems. Anyway yes I will download 6.19 (I should log in with my agency credentials right? the same I’m using now… ) it works fine for me also the preview window is match more flowing the latest 6.29.6 is pretty flickering not fluid, at least on my computer even if the recorded file is fine, but you know is hard to find right timings if you don’t see what you are doing on preview mode.
Anyway thanks for your support! we can’t wait for a new stable version :wink: