Component overrides


I’m trying to:
Reuse the same components but changing some values inside them, like a text, a colour, a slider value, a progress bar value…

But I can’t because:
Current components don’t allow overrides.

This impacts:
I can’t even duplicate a component and change some value (text, colour, etc…) without affecting all the other instances.

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I’d like to improve this in the future. for now you can paste the component into a separate file, edit it there, then paste it back into the original.



Yes, that’s my workaround at the moment, but then it’s recognised as a new component and I end up with lots of duplicated ones in the library, not ideal.

Hope you can implement a solution one day! Keep up the good work.



I just thought about another idea related to components.

For example, recently I created a interface with few sliders.

Ideally, those sliders, as they have a ‘scrollable’ element, will be able to trigger Driver animations, so I can attach and animate other stuff based on the sliding position of the slider.

Principle could detect which components have scrolling items inside and be able to use them for Drivers.

Hope I explained it well!



Please, add this feature in the future (component overrides) or anything else like behaviours in Flinto

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