Center X and Center Y Animation not Working as Intended

Principle Version: 5.8
macOS Version: Mojave 10.14.4
Sketch Version: N/A - Using Figma
Description of what you need help with:

A rectangle animation doesn’t move down and instead moves diagonal even though the Center X and Y animations are being used. The rectangles end point during the animation shows in an arbitrary place.

The gray rectangle should end up in the same place as the purple rectangle.

If center X is frozen, the rectangle ends up expanding in a place to the left of where the X,Y coordinates intend for it to pop up.

I’m not really sure what problem you’re trying to solve. please post a link to a simplified Principle file that illustrates what you mean.

Hey Daniel,
Thanks for the reply and really love the product your created! I watch a ton of your how-to videos.

It would be easier to show if I could upload a video here, but basically I’m trying to bring the Gray rectangle highlighted left to animate down instead of diagonally across the screen during a component animation. It’s a little hard to explain over text so here’s the file -->

I’m referencing the component “Group 29” and the animation for the component called “Component 6 Auto”. I’m essentially trying to replicate the same animation you see in “Component 3 Auto” with the gray rectangle moving down and then immediately expanding in with.

Let me know if that helps!